What is OpenCart?

If you desire to have e–shop set up with minimal work, then OpenCart is the answer you’re looking for. You get a great deal of characteristics available to you right from the start. While using the intuitive OpenCart admin user interface, you will get your online store set almost instantly.

With OpenCart, it will be easy to set–up a limitless variety of goods, with an overview per each one. The web app supports many currencies, with brand new ones becoming incorporated with each new version. You’ll notice 20 distinctive transaction gateways supported, from PayPal to Klarna, and also you will discover 8 shipment approaches accessible. And if you’re looking for more, you can improve the main functionality using one of the various 100% free extensions that can be found for OpenCart.

OpenCart is a trademark of OpenCart Limited and shares no affiliation with ZeeWebSolutions.

OpenCart–Optimized Shared Website Hosting Services

When you manage an e–shop, it’s essential to utilize a trustworthy hosting company that will guarantee that your website is going to be working, in all cases. At ZeeWebSolutions, we have made optimized OpenCart shared website hosting services that feature a 99.9% server uptime guarantee. And thanks to our custom shared website hosting system and network setup, we can preserve our guarantee daily.

The OpenCart–optimized shared website hosting packages also come with limitless disk space, infinite traffic and limitless MySQL database storage space allocations. Thus, it won’t make any difference what number of site visitors or merchandise you might have – you will never run out of traffic or disk space. And we can easily install and set up OpenCart immediately for you, as early as you order your web hosting account.

A Point & Click Web Site Control Panel

Every one of our OpenCart–optimized shared website hosting bundles comes equipped with our personalized Web Site Control Panel. It’s developed to function just with our very own shared website hosting system which gives it a considerable advantage over every other Control Panel available in terms of quickness, dependability and security. Plus, it makes it possible for you to handle your domain names as well as your websites from a single place. And it’s brimming with costless bonuses.

ZeeWebSolutions offers you a File Manager, which enables you to upload files by just dragging them within the browser. You can employ our Domains Manager to manage many domains simultaneously. You could make database backup copies with just a simple click using our Database Manager. It is possible to configure 40+ applications using our Best Web Applications, absolutely no setup is required. You could use any one of the 800+ bonus layout templates. And much, much more.